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Course Sequences

WVUteach is a unique collaboration between the Eberly College of Arts & Sciences and the College of Education & Human Services. Students earn degrees in their content areas (e.g. biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics) along with their eligibility for a teaching certification within 4 years. They take challenging science and mathematics coursework leading to a degree in a STEM major.

The curriculum is designed, so a variety of degree plans for STEM majors can lead to different licensures and STEM degrees. Degree plans can be customized for different student needs. The WVUteach courses and their sequences are shown below:

Course Flow Chart

*This test in ONLY required if you attained below a 25 on the ACT, below a 26 on the ACT enhanced (effective November 1989), below a 1035 on the SAT, below a 1125 on the re-centered SAT (effective April 1995), and/or below a 1170 on the revised SAT using the combined Critical Reading and Math score (effective March 2005).

**The Secondary Education/Content Endorsements test will be taken in one of the following areas: Biology (5235), Chemistry (5245), Chemistry and Physics (5245 and 5265), Earth and Space Science (5571), Mathematics (5161), and Physics (5265).