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Teaching Materials Inventory

WVUteach Inventory

Thousands of items are available to WVUteach students, faculty and staff. Examples include:

  • If your group is working on Mixtures and Solutions, we have pitchers, Kool-Aid mix, spoons, stirrers and more.

  • If your group is working on Living Systems, we have some live bugs and fish, soil, terrariums, diatomaceous earth and more.

  • If your group is working on Computer Science Fundamentals, we have plenty of online resources, as well as large post-it notepads for drawing diagrams to help students follow along.

  • If your group is working on Motion and Matter, we have ramps and balls, slingshot cars, and many more supplies that can be used for physics.

Where can I access the inventory?

You can access the electronic WVUteach Inventory list in the Google Drive of each WVUteach course where field experiences are required as part of the coursework.

WVUteach Inventory is also available in the WVUteach Inventory and Student Lounge/Work Room in Allen Hall, Room 601. Please note, the inventory can be found in binders, which may only be used in the Inventory Room.

How can I check out inventory?

NOTE: Forms are available
  1. Complete the relevant Inventory request form(s) electronically or by hand a minimum of two business days before you need your materials (this includes your practice teach).

  2. Either hand the form(s) to a student worker or the WVUteach program coordinator or submit the form electronically to both your Master Teacher and

  3. Pick up your inventory on the “To Be Checked-Out” shelving unit the day you had requested on your form.

What’s the process to return inventory?

  1. By the next class period following your teach date, return materials to the WVUteach “To Be Checked In” shelving unit.

  2. Ensure materials are clean, in the same working condition as they were when you checked them out, are neatly packed into the bin and are all accounted for (count your materials before returning). If you use any dirt, fluids, etc., with any of the materials, it is your responsibility to wash/clean the materials. No trash should remain in the bin.

  3. Please return all materials, regardless of usage or condition. Student workers will determine if they can be used again.

  4. Place the bin on the “To Be Checked In” shelving unit.

Who can help me if I can’t find what I’m looking for?

WVUteach student workers are available during scheduled office hours or Master Teachers are available by appointment to help you find the right item for your assignment or field experience.

The WVUteach Resource Room is typically open from 8 a.m.- 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, and may be open until 6 p.m. on certain days. Your Master Teacher will inform you of the accurate times the room is open.

Inventory Forms

Please submit all complete electronic forms to and CC your Master Teacher with each form submitted. Students may also hand in hard copies of each request to either the WVUCE-STEM administrative secretary, a Master Teacher or a WVUteach student worker.

If you are unable to access or download the forms, please email and alternative version of the documents will be provided.

Inventory FAQs

Do I really need to stick to the timeframe indicated on each inventory form?

Follow all timeframe requirements (48 hours in advance applies to business days only, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.). Do not submit a form after 5 p.m. on a Friday and expect your request will be filled by Monday.

How specific does my request really need to be?

WVUteach has an abundance of materials. Please be specific in your material descriptions, along with the specific location of the materials according to the resource room or Materials PowerPoint.

What if I am making up my own lesson, but I don’t know if WVUteach has certain materials?

Ask the program coordinator, a WVUteach work study student or your Master Teacher. If we have the item you are looking for, you can add it to your request. If we don’t have the item, the program coordinator or Master Teacher may have a suggestion for another item that can substitute the original item. Or if we don’t have the item and there’s no substitute available, if time allows, we can buy it for you.

I want to submit a copy request, is there anything I need to submit along with the Request for Copies Form?

Yes, a copy of the document to be copies must be submitted (either electronically or a hard copy) along with each Request for Copies form. Please also include page numbers if you are using a resource book owned by WVUteach.

Are students allowed to make copies themselves?

Yes. As long as the materials to be copied or printed are for a WVUteach class. Students are welcome to stop by the WVUteach Resource Room to use the printer, copier or scanner during office hours. Students should not expect to be able to make copies during their scheduled class time.

What if I don’t have time to clean the kit out when I return it?

Please make sure you have adequate time to clean your materials, or you will not be allowed to check out additional materials.