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Mentor Teachers

To help meet our goal of preparing highly qualified teachers in STEM fields, the WVUteach program relies on education professionals in the greater Morgantown area. Throughout the entire program, and culminating in the Apprentice Teaching semester, these Mentor Teachers graciously allow WVUteach students into their classrooms, providing significant feedback that helps our students grow and learn. 

We are grateful for the experience and expertise shared by all those who help prepare WVUteach students for a rich and rewarding professional life. With WVUteach students placed in area classrooms each semester, we couldn't do it without you!

We expect our Mentor Teachers to: 

Attend a planning session early in the semester to meet WVUteach students as well as plan and schedule the field experiences.

Supervise WVUteach students during classroom visits lasting approximately 45-50 minutes. These visits consist of both observation and instruction.

Document classroom visits by signing field experience log-in sheets, complete lesson feedback forms, and complete final evaluation forms.

Receive a stipend at the end of each semester for each team of students that they supervise.

Step 1 (grades 3-5)                           Step 2  (grades 6-8)                            CI (grades 9-12)
Number of visits      5                        Number of visits       5                         Number of visits        6
Observations           2                        Observations            2                         Observations            3
Lessons                  3                         Lessons                    3                         Lessons                    3

Students who decide to continue in the WVUteach program take one more course with a field experience before student teaching (Apprentice Teaching): Project Based Instruction. 

During classroom visits, Mentor Teachers:
  • Are present in the classroom at all times and do not leave WVUteach students alone with a substitute or student teacher.
  • Provide active support in classroom management.
  • Promptly complete  lesson feedback forms.* A copy of the form goes to the WVUteach student, either in hard copy or electronically.
* NOTE: These forms are important as students read and reflect on them before the next teach. They also provide evidence that students have taught each lesson, a requirement for passing WVUteach courses.

Further, Mentor Teachers:
  • Provide WVUteach students with the opportunity to observe and teach the same group of students for all field experiences. The WVUteach program understands this may not be possible in all circumstances and we appreciate the effort to provide our students with continuity in the field experience.
  • Use email on a regular basis to communicate promptly and effectively with the WVUteach students.
  • Communicate with the WVUteach Master Teachers at the first indication of problems.
  • Complete and return the final evaluation form for each WVUteach student (not each team) in the classroom as soon as possible after the completion of all 3 lessons.
If it becomes necessary to reschedule a classroom visit, Mentor Teachers will:
  • Contact WVUteach students and the WVUteach Master Teacher at least 48 hours in advance of the visit to be cancelled, or as quickly as possible in the event of an emergency.
  • Reschedule the missed classroom visit as soon as possible, ideally the same day and time the following week.

Interested in becoming a Mentor Teacher with WVUteach? Please email us at: