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Help us educate tomorrow’s future high school math and science teachers.

WVUteach continues to educate tomorrow’s highly qualified math and science teachers in West Virginia and beyond. Our students are the best and brightest. When you support WVUteach, you are supporting the immediate needs of our WVUteach students, as well as the needs of the school districts, nonprofit STEM organizations and the K-12 students they serve.

You can support WVUteach with funding for internships, scholarships and outreach, or you can make a sustaining gift of any size to support innovative programs, urgent priorities and other opportunities that arise during the academic year. 

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Please consider giving a gift or a donation today. For more funding options, contact us at (304) 293-5030 or

Funding Priorities

WVUteach Program Support Funding Priorities
Internships $3,600 to $100,000
Outreach $1,000 to $100,000
Non-Endowed Scholarships $1,500 to $5,000

WVUteach Program Support


WVUteach students gain valuable field experience by working in local nonprofit STEM education organizations.


WVUteach Outreach builds STEM knowledge in public K-12 schools through after-school clubs, STEM summer camps, and tutoring.

Non-Endowed Scholarships

Scholarships recruit and support undergraduate and non-traditional students.

WVUteach Endowments

Endowed Programs and Excellence Funds

Endowed Programs and Excellence Funds are invested in perpetuity and provide constant, reliable budgetary support. These funds ensure long-term program sustainability and flexibility for WVUteach administrators by allowing funding to be applied to areas of immediate need. 

Uses may include equipment and technology purchases and upgrades, lending library supplies, and professional conference travel for faculty, staff and students. You can choose to support a program that matches your interest.

Endowed Scholarships

Your assistance provides a reliable source of financial aid to recruit and support undergraduate and nontraditional students.

Funding Priorities

WVUteach Endowments Funding Priorities
Endowed Programs $25,000 minimum gift level
Excellence Funds $50,000 minimum gift level
Endowed Undergraduate Scholarship $25,000 minimum gift level
Endowed Presidential Scholarship $50,000 minimum gift level

Sustained Giving

A gift of any size provides unrestricted resources to support initiatives not covered by university funding alone.

Gifts from $25 to $3,000 are an investment in the WVUteach program and future STEM educators. A monthly, quarterly or annual gift – no matter the size – can have a significant impact on WVUteach students, mentor teachers and K-12 students.


Funds allow WVUteach to attract and hire additional full-time master's or PhD level veteran public school educators to recruit, mentor, educate and support WVUteach students as they explore teaching. The ideal ratio for Master Teacher to students in the program is 1:50.


Funds a Mentor Teacher stipend

Funds allow WVUteach to support master's-level veteran public school educators who are enrolled in graduate studies at WVU to assist in the education and support of WVUteach students as they explore teaching. Each fellow supports an additional section of 24 students in the WVUteach program.


Funds two new teacher kits

WVUteach interns are paid a stipend to work 10-20 hours a week in a nonprofit organization that provides STEM-focused educational services to the community.


Funds a merit or need-based scholarship

As an incentive to try out teaching, WVUteach offers all students who complete the first two courses in the program a tuition rebate.


Funds an internship for a semester

In-service teachers provide expertise and vital feedback contributing significantly to the development of our pre-service teachers.


Funds induction and professional development for a new teacher

WVUteach Induction support includes a box of supplies to help our graduates get their first classroom ready.


Funds a graduate student fellowship

Scholarships based on merit and/or financial need that give top math and science students an opportunity to pursue the profession of teaching.


Funds a Master Teacher fellowship

Your support provides WVUteach graduates with professional development that helps them transition from student to expert teacher.