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What is WVUteach?

Housed in the WVU Center for Excellence in STEM Education, WVUteach is a hands-on, interactive program for STEM majors who have an interest in teaching math or science in middle or high school. 

In just four years, students can earn their STEM degree while also preparing for a secondary education teaching certification upon graduation.

Nearly 1 in every 18 West Virginia classrooms is led by an individual who is not a certified teacher.

WVUteach aims to remedy the statewide and nationwide shortage of STEM teachers by placing more highly qualified secondary education math and science teachers into classrooms. The program also ensures today’s high schoolers have access to high-quality math and science education, offered by teachers who believe that all students can learn and excel in STEM fields.

Majors Well Suited for WVUteach

  • Animal and nutritional sciences

  • Biology

  • Biochemistry

  • Chemistry

  • Environmental Geoscience

  • Forensic biology

  • Forensic chemistry

  • Forensic examiner

  • Geology

  • Mathematics

  • Neuroscience

  • Physics

  • Psychology

  • Wildlife and Fisheries Resources

You do not have to give up other post-graduate options!

Once you complete the WVUteach program, you will have fulfilled the qualifications to be eligible for secondary teaching certification by the West Virginia Department of Education in tandem with your four-year STEM degree.

You will still be eligible for graduate school, able to pursue other professional schools or join the STEM workforce. Your career possibilities are endless!

Ready to Start?

It’s best to start the program the first semester during your freshman year.

If you have fewer than five semesters left until graduation, consider the  Master of Arts and Certification (MAC) program through the College of Education and Human Services.

Committing to the Program

  • As a WVUteach candidate, you will complete a 27-36 credit hour course of study
    • Includes early and frequent classroom teaching experiences prior to your student teaching experience
  • Integrates all aspects of teaching into a holistic curriculum
  • Instructional methods are inquiry-based with an emphasis on active student learning, integrated technology and project-based instruction


Register for the WVUteach intro class,  ARSC 120, today or talk to your adviser if you need assistance. If you have additional questions about WVUteach, you can request a phone or video meeting with a WVUteach representative, meet with your departmental adviser or email us anytime.

As you major in your STEM discipline, you will take one or more WVUteach courses per semester that prepare you for the West Virginia certification in order to teach secondary math or science.

See our full course breakdown

Choose your Possibilities


  • Earn one four-year degree and gain endless career options.

  • Become eligible for a secondary education teaching certification upon graduation while majoring in the STEM field you love.

  • Take teaching for a test drive your first semester freshman year. The introductory course (ARSC 120) has no exams and offers Honors sections.

  • Get early and continuous field experience that enhances hands-on training and hones skillsets that will give you an edge for any career path.

  • Refine public speaking skills and learn how to communicate about your STEM field.

After Graduation

  • Make a difference in the lives of countless middle and high school students. 

  • Easily secure high-demand teaching jobs upon completion of the program and certification.

  • West Virginia certification is transferable to a number of states, and certified math and science teachers are in demand in the Mountain State and nationwide.

  • Become a high school teacher, who rate their lives better than all other occupation groups, trailing only physicians, according to recent poll results.

  • Find more opportunities for upward mobility, salary advancement and administrative roles.

  • Access student loan forgiveness programs and scholarships.

Get support from WVUteach coaches and mentors for job searches, résumé building, interview practices and more.

Work with Mentor Teachers

WVUteach students collaborate closely with veteran classroom teachers in local schools.

Learn from Experience

You can work with mentor teachers to select and plan lessons, discuss classroom management techniques, maximize student engagement, utilize classroom resources and more. Our fantastic mentors share their years of experience to enhance your learning, your skills and your efficacy in the classroom!