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What is WVUteach? 

WVUteach is a hands-on learning program where collegiate students can pursue their major of choice while exploring opportunities to become a math or science teacher in middle or high school. In just four years, they can earn their STEM degree and become eligible for a secondary education teaching certification upon graduation. 

As a program under the WVU Center for Excellence in STEM Education, WVUteach is designed to provide students the opportunity to explore the profession of teaching in STEM while earning a degree in the field that they love.

WVUteach candidates complete a 27-30 credit hour course of study that includes early and frequent classroom experiences prior to their student teaching experience. WVUteach integrates all aspects of teaching into a holistic curriculum. Instructional methods are inquiry-based with an emphasis on active student learning, integrated technology, and project-based instruction.

For more information, contact us or set up an appointment with a WVUteach adviser at: or 304-293-9708.

Why teach? 

Teaching changes lives.  It's a rewarding profession that makes a difference.  If you've ever considered teaching, WVUteach is an innovative program that fits into and complements your four-year bachelor's degree - one degree, two career options.  You won't just be investing in your own future, but the future of others, too.

Who should try WVUteach?

Students with fewer than five semesters should consider the Master of Arts and Certification (MAC) program through the College of Education and Human Services.

Students interested in trying out WVUteach should sign-up for the one-hour course Step 1: Inquiry Approaches to Teaching (ARSC 120). We offer a $100 tuition rebate!

For more information, contact us or set up an appointment with a WVUteach adviser at: or 304-293-9708.

What are the benefits of WVUteach?

  • Early and continuous field experiences
  • Support from experienced former middle and high school math and science teachers
  • Streamlined and compact four-year STEM degree plans
  • Inquiry-based, hands-on instruction

Did you know…?

  • There is a shortage of secondary mathematics and science teachers in West Virginia
  • It is a myth that teaching is a low-pay profession: Entry level teaching salaries (with a Bachelor's degree) average $32,675-$36,400 in West Virginia. With master’s and specialist’s degree plans that can be completed while you are teaching, this can be quickly increased!