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UTeach 20th Anniversary

UTeach 20th Anniversary
UTeach celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2017, and WVUteach, a replication site at one of 45 Universities nationwide, helped celebrate!

To help mark this auspicious occasion, we helped UTeach raise awareness of the importance of high-quality secondary STEM education with a variety of celebratory activities during 2016–2017:

  • WVUteach students were joined UTeach students across the nation by participating in contests to make a video about UTeach.
Bevo and Mountaineer UT Austin, where UTeach first began, sent Bevo, the UT Austin mascot, a stuffed longhorn, around to the student organization at every UTeach program. When Bevo arrived at WVU, WVUteach students took a photo with Bevo and the WVU Mountaineer. Click here to see more of Bevo's time at WVU. You can see all of Bevo's travels at: #UTeachMascots.
WVUteach for a Day
WVUteach Day Proclamation
  • Anniversary celebrations culminated May 23-25, 2017, when WVUteach joined  UTeach Nation in Austin, TX, at the 2017 Annual UTeach Conference for three days of learning a nd networking with teachers, universities, and funders from across the nation.
UTeach Conference